VTRON Display Wall Administration System (VWAS) is a software application developed for display -wall systems and multi-screen processors. It provides control and management of application windows and display engines. It integrates the control of matrixes, cameras, centralized controlling devices, and other peripherals according to user needs.
Complementing the distinguished performances of the VTRON Digicom Processor series, VWAS supports simultaneous multi-user connection and operation with a user friendly interface. VWAS allows convenient and fast, wall control and straightforward operation.
Users can now operate and control the display wall with ease and at will.

VWAS is server-client structure software which is composed of two parts:
VWAS Explorer and VWAS Service.

VWAS Explorer, as the display wall manager, is designed to provide friendly and simple interface for user’s operation and management of the display wall system.

 VWAS Service, as the manager server, is responsible for the communication between the user operation interface and VWAS service protocol.
VWAS Key Features
Operators are able to control the various engines in the display wall system, including on/off operation and lamp working hours display. They can adjust input signals properties with VWAS, thus to perfect the final visual effect on the display wall.
Windows Management - Through controlling the multi-screen processor, operators can manage various applications or windows on the processor, such as the RGB/Video windows and Vlink windows.

Mode Management – With preset mode and sequence, the system carries out the sequential operations for showing engine windows, processor windows and application windows. Users can define their own preset mode and sequence for the convenience of operation.

Device Management – Provides centralized control over matrix, camera and other peripheral devices. It also supports third-part centralized control devices through a development interface and serial port control protocols.
System Requirements
Operating system: Windows2000, Windows XP, Windows2003 and Windows Vista.
Hardware: Pentium IV or above, 1GB Ram, 50MB hard disk space, minimum1 Serial port, 1 network port.

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